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15th August 2023
Gloss Vs Matte. What Finish Should You Choose?

Bike frames and invisiFRAME protection kits come in different finishes – Gloss and Matte.

Not sure which is right for you? Take a look at our Q&A below.

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What Protection Kit Should I Use – Gloss or Matte?

It is entirely personal preference – there are no hard set rules or restrictions. Using the same protection kit as your frame finish is what most of our customers do to keep that ‘factory’ look.

How Can I Tell If My Frame Has a Gloss or Matte Finish?

If you’re unsure of what finish your frame has, take a look at your bike under a light. If you’re getting a shiny reflection on the top coat then it’s a gloss finish. If it’s more diffused then it will be a matte finish.

Can I Use a Gloss Protection Kit on a Matte Finish Frame?

Yes! We’ve had customers who have made their matte finish frames really ‘pop’ by putting a gloss protection kit on – especially if it’s a metallic type finish as you’ll really see the metallic flecks shine through.

Can I Use a Matte Protection Kit on a Gloss Finish Frame?

Yes, this will dampen down the gloss finish – great if you want to reduce the shine and have a more muted frame.

Is There Any Difference Between invisiFRAME Gloss and Matte Protection Kits?

Other than the finish, the kits are identical with all the same properties, adhesives and thickness.

Are There Any Differences in Applying the Kits?

With matte finish frames, you can use a lock solution straight away.

On gloss finish frames you should use the slip solution initially and then use the lock solution.

What Frame Finish Looks Best, Gloss or Matte?

Depends on the bike!

We see a lot of bikes and notice that matte frames tend to mark up very quickly. We’d advise that you get a protection kit on a matte finish frame as soon as possible so you don’t have to live with a scuff or scratch.

What About Gloss or Matte Protection for Forks or Cranks?

The same applies to forks and cranks – most of our customers will use the same finish kit for the corresponding part. This could well mean a fully protected bike will have a mixture of gloss and matte protection kits on the frame, fork and cranks.

About invisiFRAME

invisiFRAME is the industry leading bike protection brand and uses PPF (paint protection film) to create an invisible barrier between your bike and the elements. Protect your investment and keep your bike in pristine condition so you can spend more time out riding without fear of damage.

Our specialist wraps protect your bike from trail & road debris, travel damage, uplifts and general wear & tear. What’s better is it’s self-healing, non-yellowing and easy to fit at home. We offer both custom fitted and universal kits with maximum coverage for frames, forks and cranks.

You Ride It, We Protect It.

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