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9th November 2023
How to Prepare Your Bike For Winter

Riding bikes in Winter can be hard. That’s a fact. When conditions are brutal, finding motivation to even just head out for a lap in the woods or on the local lanes can be a challenge.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choice”

Why don’t we take the same approach to our bikes as well?

With some preparation, you can make the winter riding experience more enjoyable – it’s what led us to develop some quite specific products and partner up with Fenwick’s who are renowned for their care/cleaning products and share much the same ethos as invisiFRAME.

Protective Coating – £15.00 / $14.87 / AU$22.38

This is a brand new, game-changing product and one we’re immensely proud of. Developed with Fenwick’s, a single application of Protective Coating will make your frame and components resistant to surface contaminants for 6 months. It has hydrophobic properties too that means muddy water and grime just beads up and can be wiped off with minimal effort.

Unlike ceramic coating products out there (that are often triple the price), invisiFRAME Protective Coating is actually water-based and does not contain irritants or petro-chemicals that we see elsewhere in this category. No hazardous label required for Protective Coating.

invisiFRAME Protective Coating Details

Bike Cleaner£15.00 / $14.87 / AU$22.38

Cleaning up after a winter ride can be a tiresome procedure. It’s no fun being freezing cold and poking mud out of your drivetrain or trying to blast away that salty road grime that accumulates around the BB! We launched our Bike Cleaner, developed by Fenwick’s, earlier this year and it has quickly become known in the community as one of the most-effective washes available. It’s a brilliant all-round cleaner and degreaser plus won’t harm your bike or invisiFRAME protection kit (again, no nasty chemicals).

invisiSAFE£14.99 / $14.86 / AU$22.36

With longer evenings and low-light conditions, it’s important to try and take action in making yourself visible – especially to other road users and especially at commute times when most accidents happen. Front and rear lights can do a good job for ‘seeing’ and ‘being seen’ from the front but don’t help your side-on visibility.

invisiSAFE is our answer to this problem. It’s a subdued dark grey vinyl that you can apply to your frame and rims that actually achieves an ‘engineer grade’ brightness level when a light source (like headlights) hits it.

We gave a set of invisiSAFE Rim Strips and Chevrons to one of our roadies, CyclingBrad, earlier this year – follow him on Instagram and look out for his decals.

“I’m really looking forward to trying out invisiSAFE this winter! With it getting dark so early, it feels like most of my rides could benefit from the extra side-on visibility and these reflective decals will mean I can ride knowing i’ve done everything I can to be safe on the road to and from work” @CyclingBrad

Frame Protection Kit – From £49.99 / Fork Protection Kit – From £21.59

We can’t talk about riding in ‘less-than-ideal’ conditions and NOT mention the benefits of an invisiFRAME protection kit. A PPF layer will protect your frame, fork and cranks from debris which is far more common in the wetter months when the trails and roads deteriorate.

invisiFRAME Levels of Protection

If you’re getting a new bike in the holiday sales then you also have an opportunity to keep it in prime condition from the very beginning which will protect your investment and even help maximise resale value should you want to sell it in future.

Has winter riding taken a toll on your bike? It’s never too late to add a protection kit (it will do wonders to small scratches!) and browse our range of decals to breathe new life into your ride.

About invisiFRAME

invisiFRAME is the industry leading bike protection brand and uses PPF (paint protection film) to create an invisible barrier between your bike and the elements. Protect your investment and keep your bike in pristine condition so you can spend more time out riding without fear of damage.

Our specialist wraps protect your bike from trail & road debris, travel damage, uplifts and general wear & tear. What’s better is it’s self-healing, non-yellowing and easy to fit at home. We offer both custom fitted and universal kits with maximum coverage for frames, forks and cranks.

You Ride It, We Protect It.

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