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20th October 2023
Protective Coating FAQ

Developed in partnership with Fenwick’s, Protective Coating product is a truly innovative new product. Check out the FAQ below for more details.

What is Protective Coating?

Protective Coating is a spray product that, when applied, will leave a thin protective coating on your frame that acts as an invisible barrier/ surface sealant.

What are the benefits of Protective Coating?

Because Protective Coating has hydrophobic properties, surface contaminants cannot stick onto it easily. If stubborn mud and grime do end up on the surface then just a gentle application of water will wash them away easily.

Is Protective Coating the same as Ceramic Coating?

Both invisiFRAME Protective Coating and common Ceramic Coating products do share the same objective. The difference is that Protective Coating is water-based and therefore not hazardous. This also has the benefit of no white marks, smearing or greasiness.

What can you use Protective Coating on?

Due to its water-based makeup, Protective Coating can be used on all frame finishes and materials. Any hard surface component can also benefit from Protective Coating but do not apply this to brakes or braking surfaces.

How long does Protective Coating last?

A single application of Protective Coating will remain on your frame for up to 6 months. One bottle of Protective Coating (100ml) contains enough solution for approximately 15-20 applications!

Who should use Protective Coating?

Anyone who rides a bike and would like to take care of it. Especially relevant for mountain bikers or cyclists who ride in poor weather and on road conditions.

Does Protective Coating work on PPF?

On bikes with an invisiFRAME protection kit installed, Protective Coating actively bonds to the PPF refreshing and enhancing the invisiFRAME film.

invisiFRAME Levels of Protection

Key Features

• Provides invisible protection for gloss, matte and carbon finishes
• One application of Protective Coating lasts up to 6 months (real-world testing)
• Hydrophobic properties make frames and components resistant to surface contaminants
• No white marks, smearing or greasiness.
• Use as a stand-alone product or as a perfect accompaniment to invisiFRAME Protective Kits (PPF)
• Quick and simple to apply
• No corrosive/toxic/irritant chemicals

The new Protective Coating is available now

100ml – £15.00 / $14.87 / AU$22.38

About invisiFRAME

invisiFRAME is the industry leading bike protection brand and uses PPF (paint protection film) to create an invisible barrier between your bike and the elements. Protect your investment and keep your bike in pristine condition so you can spend more time out riding without fear of damage.

Our specialist wraps protect your bike from trail & road debris, travel damage, uplifts and general wear & tear. What’s better is it’s self-healing, non-yellowing and easy to fit at home. We offer both custom fitted and universal kits with maximum coverage for frames, forks and cranks.

You Ride It, We Protect It.

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