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14th March 2024 Review Protective Coating

“I’ve returned on several occasions astonished at how well the invisiFRAME has coped, even with a single coating”

If you’ve been following us on social media or have signed up to our email newsletters, you’ll know that we’ve been shouting very loudly about our new spray product, Protective Coating. With it’s unique water-based formula (no hazardous petro-chemicals!), easy application on different finishes, 6 months of effectiveness and exceptional performance, you’ll understand why. are known for their thorough and honest reviews and we were delighted to see Protective Coating put through it’s paces after months of testing in the British winter.

Scoring 8/10, Shaun Audane’s final verdict was, “Effective and convenient to use, with good results on all surfaces”

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invisiFRAME Protective Coating Details

Protective Coating – £15.00 / $14.87 / AU$22.38

invisiFRAME Levels of Protection

About invisiFRAME

invisiFRAME is the industry leading bike protection brand and uses PPF (paint protection film) to create an invisible barrier between your bike and the elements. Protect your investment and keep your bike in pristine condition so you can spend more time out riding without fear of damage.

Our specialist wraps protect your bike from trail & road debris, travel damage, uplifts and general wear & tear. What’s better is it’s self-healing, non-yellowing and easy to fit at home. We offer both custom fitted and universal kits with maximum coverage for frames, forks and cranks.

You Ride It, We Protect It.

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