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26th April 2018
The benefits of protecting your bikes frame

Why protect your bike?

We often get asked what InvisiFRAME is all about.  In essence its simple, it’s about protecting your bike from ride and transport damage to keep it looking pristine and ultimately increasing its long term value.

We’ve pulled out a few of the key reasons you should be looking to protect your new bike and how applying an invisiFRAME kit will help.

1 – Protect your bike from stone and rock damage whilst out on a ride

Whether you ride off road or on road, the chances are at some point in the life of your bike it’ll either be struck by a foreign object, put in an uplift or you take a tumble.

The fact we use automotive grade film from 3M and XPEL means it can withstand a lot of the impacts keeping your frame fresher for longer.

2 – invisiFRAME protects from transport damage

Commuting around or heading to the trails.  The strain your bike is under all takes its toll.  Whilst being buffeted about on a train, being constantly folded and unfolded or being loaded and unloaded from tow bar, roof carrier or being slung in the boot after a hard ride.  InvisiFRAME helps protect against all these annoying rubs and bumps, by placing protection where it’s needed most.

3 – Protection from cable rub

Our kits protect key parts of the frame, especially those susceptible to cable rub. So no more unsightly yellowy peeling patches which may have been in the right place when you stuck them on but somehow the wear is now half an inch lower and wearing through your frames paint!

4 – Ease of cleaning

$hit don’t stick to invisiFRAME like it sticks to shiny new paint, so it washes off much easier and makes the post ride scrub down a much simpler affair.

5 – Long term value

Protecting your frame ensures when you finally come to replace your new bike (we know you can’t imagine a day that will happen, but it just might!), the resale value for your frame will be significantly higher than if it has been chipped and worn through your love for riding.

6 – Easily replaceable

If your bike does take a hefty hit and the film is damaged in some way we can supply a replacement part so you can redo the scuffed section

7 – Long Lasting

Unlike cheaper alternatives our film maintains its clarity and doesn’t yellow out in the sun.  Provided it is installed correctly it is also incredibly resistant to peeling, ensuring your bike stays looking sharp.

So there you have it, just a few key ways invisiFRAME can protect your pride and joy.  If we’ve missed any, leave us a note in the comments box and we’ll be sure to add it in.

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