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27th March 2024
Video: The Love Of Speed ft. Sam Reynolds in DUPLICITY

Sam Reynolds has forged a path in the freeride world that few could emulate. His passion for progression sat at the heart of his ambition, to build the world’s biggest jumps and push the sport to its limit. That same mindset has run throughout Sam’s life and any sport he touches.

Sam Reynolds is a household name as a freeride mountain biker but few know about his dreams of being a racing car driver. DUPLICITY explores the common themes between Sam’s approach to riding and driving, and how one relates to the other seamlessly in his world.

“I’ve always loved cars since I was young and remember watching Formula 1 with dad. So much of what I enjoy on a mountain bike, the speed and the g-forces I’m sure are connected to that early love for motorsport. Now I’m older and able to explore both passions side-by-side, there is more to be had in common between 2 and 4 wheels, and motor and pedal power than you would first imagine!” – Sam Reynolds

Sam and invisiFRAME joined forces in 2023, both having a common theme of passion for bikes whilst understanding that there was a lot to be learnt and appreciated from the automotive world.

DUPLICITY is an expression of Sam Reynold’s appreciation for both bikes and cars.

DUPLICITY - Sam Reynolds

Sam Reynolds was one of the first hybrid athletes to join the invisiFRAME x XPEL athlete roster. In 2020 invisiFRAME joined the XPEL family after developing the original bicycle frame protection kits a decade earlier and protecting bikes around the world. XPEL are the global leaders in automotive PPF and this collaboration provided exclusive access to industry leading PPF, trusted by premium car and bicycle brands around the world.

DUPLICITY - Sam Reynolds on track

Sam’s approach to DUPLICITY was to showcase the similarities between riding bikes and driving cars from the perspective of the athlete. Similarly, invisiFRAME and XPEL exist in two different worlds, but just like Sam’s approach, there is so much to be shared and embraced on their mission to #protecteverything.

About invisiFRAME

invisiFRAME is the industry leading bike protection brand and uses PPF (paint protection film) to create an invisible barrier between your bike and the elements. Protect your investment and keep your bike in pristine condition so you can spend more time out riding without fear of damage.

Our specialist wraps protect your bike from trail & road debris, travel damage, uplifts and general wear & tear. What’s better is it’s self-healing, non-yellowing and easy to fit at home. We offer both custom fitted and universal kits with maximum coverage for frames, forks and cranks.

You Ride It, We Protect It.

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